Streamline Collaborative

Why Consider the Streamline Collaborative Process?

Streamline Collaborative Process is a one-cost solution where you have a team of experienced professionals who will help you reach a separation agreement. 

This is a process for people who want peace of mind knowing the cost for their divorce, from the beginning to the signing of the separation agreement. 

This process and your team will give you the best chance to resolve all the issues so that you can get on with the next stage of your life.

You will have the security of knowing what the cost will be. The price for this process is $9,000 per person, plus HST. This fee shall be apportioned between the various experts involved. 

If you wish to pursue an uncontested divorce order, there will be an additional charge of $1,000 per person, plus HST. 

Streamline Collaborative Process allows for the voluntary and free exchange of information, a pledge not to go to court and a commitment to mutual respect and cooperation. 

Our Streamline Practice professionals have received special training and are members of a localized practice group. 

In addition to your Collaborative lawyers, you have the support of neutral Collaborative professionals: 

▪ A neutral family professional, a child specialist, can help you and your partner improve communication and manage conflict. He can provide insight into the concerns of the children and help craft a parenting plan.

▪ A neutral financial specialist can help gather and explain financial information and create future projections for settlement options.

Advantages of the Streamline Collaborative Approach

  • Peace-of-Mind knowing the cost of your separation or divorce.
  • Have access to the right professional for the right job
  • Create a place where the conversation leads to solutions that fit
  • More control over the outcome
  • Negotiate respectfully with one another
  • Agree not to go to Court
  • out of the box solutions to your particular situation

The Lakeshore Streamline Divorce Team

The Lakeshore Streamline Divorce team consists of four individuals who apply their distinct knowledge and experience in their field to ensure that your separation is well-thought-out from a parenting, financial and legal perspective. 

 The Parenting Plan 

Stephen Cross is our family professional who helps couples create a Parenting Plan that is the right fit for their family while also considering the developmental needs based on their children’s age.  Even if your family has special needs to consider, Stephen can help you navigate a personalized Parenting Plan to transition for the children as easily as possible. Learn more about Stephen Cross 

The Financial Negotiation

A financial professional, Kathryn Jankowski, will create the legal, financial disclosure documents and help you to navigate who keeps what in terms of assets and debts.  Tax considerations are taken into account, options for settlement are discussed, and a final review is done to the legal team. 

Learn more about Kathryn Jankowski

The Legal Advice

Ines Gotal and Paul Steckley are the team lawyers.  Each spouse requires different counsel to obtain independent legal advice.  Your lawyer will guide you through the negotiations ensuring that you have a full understanding of your options from a family law perspective.  Your lawyers will also write your separation agreement. 

About Ines Gotal

About Paul Steckley

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