Unbundled Services

Do you want a lawyer to help with just one or some parts of your family law matter? Unbundled services are individual legal services that you can obtain as needed. This is a very flexible approach that you can tailor to your needs and your budget.

Why choose unbundled services?

Some people want a lawyer to handle their entire case. Others prefer to do some or most of the tasks themselves, to reduce their expenses. With unbundled services, you can get professional legal advice and support for specific steps, events or documents. Unbundled services are also called “family law coaching,” which is a good description – your lawyer can coach you through different aspects of your case.

Create your personalized plan

Gotal Family Law offers a wide range of unbundled services, including legal advice, document drafting, coaching for negotiations, and more.

The first step is to book a consultation to discuss your legal issue. This is very important, as I need to understand the “big picture” before providing advice or working on particular tasks. Together, we’ll develop a plan that fits your needs, including what tasks I can assist you with and what tasks you will do on your own.

For instance, some clients choose to attend mediation alone, but they consult with me in advance to better understand their legal issue, discuss strategies or brainstorm possible resolutions. Others ask me to attend certain mediation sessions they’re not sure they can handle, such as discussions about spousal support or property division. Many clients need assistance with drafting or reviewing legal documents and agreements.

Types of unbundled services

Your personalized plan could include any of these services:

  • Discuss settlement options and provide legal advice
  • Provide strategic advice and resolution options
  • Assist in developing a Parenting Plan or advise on the terms of parenting time (formerly called “access”)
  • Assist in preparing a financial statement and supporting documents
  • Coaching before negotiations or mediation
  • Attend negotiations with you
  • Attend mediation with you
  • Assist in preparing documents for your case
  • Prepare a Separation Agreement
  • Provide independent legal advice on a Separation Agreement
  • Calculate child support and/or spousal support
  • Prepare a Cohabitation Agreement or Marriage Contract
  • Provide independent legal advice on a Cohabitation Agreement or Marriage Contract

Ongoing consultation or family law coaching

If you need additional advice or support at any point in your family law matter, I’m available for continued consultations or coaching. You can also opt for full representation, if you find that you need more advocacy, or if self-managing your case becomes too time-consuming, stressful or complicated. To learn more about unbundled services, or to book a consultation with Gotal Family Law.